NOLWENN FALIGOT is a high-end womenswear brand where every detail narrates a story through considered clothes and accessories.


A workwear chic line, merging elegance with a utilitarian feel for confident women moving effortlessly within comfortable and generous clothes. It is about finding a fine balance between a functional appeal and an audacious way of reworking garments.


Creative yet strongly grounded in reality, this brand showcases a contemporary and authentic wardrobe where a palette of fresh and deep colours is highlighted by bold patterns.


The brand – resolutely anchored in Brittany – is a subtle encounter between a Celtic legacy and travels all over the world.


It is also an invitation to opt in favour of a more sensible consumption through a sustainable wardrobe with long lasting garments whether in limited editions or as unique pieces.



High end implies quality, durability and exclusivity, this is why it is a coherent positioning for NOLWENN FALIGOT. The ambition is to design beautiful products, well made, at a fair price for every individual involved with in mind to suggest a model where you buy less but more responsibly.

Thus, ethical and sustainable, the brand merges the creativity of the designs with the respect of both the environment and the human (the workers as well as the women wearing the clothes).


This is achieved through sustainable fabric choices (including the GOTS label) or the use of discarded fabrics as well as the selection of partners as local as possible (European and Mediterranean materials and Breton manufacturing).

The brand aims a global responsible approach, demonstrating humility and transparency in the process. It is about pursuing the best solutions, sometimes at the expense of some concessions.

Details such as the packaging (boxes, bags, etc.), the labels or else the business cards of the brand are as many opportunities to turn to a positive impact on the environment.


To follow through with this commitment - and to extend its life – each piece can be sent back to be mended if necessary or transformed, thus giving a new edge to your wardrobe.


Authenticity is the essence of the brand, seeking to return to the primary function of clothing, being useful and practical. Genuineness as well, through the brand roots in Brittany and its sartorial heritage.

It is a real desire to revive the worth of each garment, as an object we wish to cherish with care and wear with conviction.


The NOLWENN FALIGOT collections are first and foremost creative and optimist, thought to bring uniqueness and pleasure thereby contributing to women’s self-confidence, feeling good and beautiful in their clothes while expressing their individuality. An encounter between functionality and beauty to move with elegance and ease in everyday life, for women embodying energy and freedom in their many roles.

A brand for women wishing to give fashion more meaning, to indulge oneself with eco-friendly ethics and to be stylish without needing to be fashionable, with pieces free from the classic fashion seasons.

A creative fashion with consideration for culture and nature, art and craft, history and design and a fascination for the local and foreign ethnics.

It is also a will to reconnect with one’s clothing and renew a kind and esteemed relationship with one’s wardrobe.


The brand NOLWENN FALIGOT has its heart set on contributing to Brittany’s influence and standing through a wardrobe deep-rooted in its Celtic heritage mixed with inspirations from all over the world. Narrative collections, where each piece tells us a story echoing the traditional costumes – especially traditional workwear. A Breton fashion for women wishing to wear their Celtic identity with pride but subtlety or having a certain yearning for the Breton matter.

It is about sharing the adventure with local partners – mainly women – highlighting their know-how and joint interest to showcase this region. Thus, from the photography to the embroidery, by way of jewellery partnership or the manufacturing are as many meetings with a community of inspiring and inspired women to move forward together.

The will to further promote Brittany and positively affect the environment naturally brings the brand to get involved locally. Therefore, NOLWENN FALIGOT supports the “Eaux & Rivières de Bretagne” (“Water and rivers of Brittany) association. A sum will be donated for each piece sold, whereas as pre-order, on the e-shop or in retailers.

Eau & Rivières-logo 2020-hauteur blanc.


Throughout her studies, Nolwenn Faligot has gained experience and established professional relationships (in particular with sponsor and partner Armor Lux, Brittany, France). Thus, she has interned internationally - whether in London (Meadham Kirchhoff) or in Tôkyô (Hiroko Koshino) - which has provided her with a variety of approaches of the creative process.

Having studied Fashion for 7 years in London: first in London College of Fashion, then in Kingston University (Bachelor in Fashion) and finally the renowned Central Saint Martins for her Masters in Fashion - Womenswear; this Breton individual draws on her perception of London's multicultural influences as well as on her own Celtic heritage.

Nolwenn Faligot has worked as a Junior then Senior designer for the brand NEHERA. Showing in Paris Fashion Week, but with its studio based in its birth place Bratislava (Slovakia) NEHERA combines unique shapes with timeless craftsmanship. Four collections were prepared annually with the aim of providing a singular silhouette in high quality fabrics with precise attention to details.


In addition, to setting up her own eponymous brand based in Brittany, Faligot is currently a freelance designer working with different brands in Brittany and internationally.


© Xavier Dubois