Light Season

The light season, in reference to the Celtic calendar, is the luminous season beginning on the 1st of May and ending on the 31st of October before moving on to the dark season...  For NOLWENN FALIGOT following the Celtic seasons is not only an allusion to the brand's legacy but first and foremost it is a desire to create pieces free from the classic fashion seasons, thus attempting to grow closer to a natural cycle.

The light season from the FIRST CHAPTER is divided in three Movements. Each movement from this trilogy tells us a story...

The pieces from the FIRST CHAPTER are thus split in three episodes, spaced out in time, which could correspond to Spring, Summer and Autumn. And yet each piece from the collection - mixed and matched with others - has been intended to be worn all year round.



This first episode is a journey between land and sea in a cotton wardrobe as  comfortable as it is elegant.



Linen - Breton legacy -

is at the heart of this second episode.



This third episode

is an ode to the Breton

sailors' wardobe.