Imprinted by the influence of Celtic Brittany

looking towards new horizons,

interlacing those inspirations within a universal wardrobe

Roudoù Breizh a zo troet etrezek

dremmweloù disheñvel,

o meskañ eienennoù awen en dilhad hollvedel

NOLWENN FALIGOT is a high-end womenswear brand where each detail narrates a story through considered clothes and accessories.


A workwear chic line, merging elegance with a utilitarian feel for confident women moving effortlessly within comfortable and generous clothes. It is about finding a fine balance between a functional appeal and an audacious way of reworking garments.


Creative yet strongly grounded in reality, this brand showcases a contemporary and authentic wardrobe where a palette of fresh and deep colours is highlighted by bold patterns.


The brand – resolutely anchored in Brittany – is a subtle encounter between a Celtic legacy and travels all over the world.


It is also an invitation to opt in favour of a more sensible consumption through a sustainable wardrobe with long lasting garments whether in limited editions or as unique pieces.

Since 1938 Armor Lux withstands time to offer authentic and timeless clothing. Nolwenn Faligot – a Breton fashion designer – audaciously rethinks the quintessential pieces of the sailor inspired wardrobe bringing them into her creative world.

Nolwenn Faligot naturally started from the sailor statement pieces: from the pea coat to the Breton stripe shirt including the kabig (the Breton Duffle coat) and the sailor trousers.


The blog "Nolwenn's Notebook" showcases the press, the news and an exclusive series of articles with a singular point of view on fashion, art and culture; in Brittany, the Celtic world and beyond.

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Nolwenn Faligot

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